Our Goals for Vets


We believe that military service members offer tremendous value to the civilian workforce. Our goal for veterans is to work with them so they can leverage their military skillset and effectively integrate these skills into rewarding careers. By partnering with vets, we offer the expertise necessary so they can proactively manage their careers, articulate their value, and maintain confidence in the many skills they have to offer.

How Our Services Support Veterans

  • Résumé and Cover Letter Writing: We work with you on these documents to ensure employers understand your talents.  We translate your military experience into recognizeable & valuable skills in the civilian workforce.
  • Certified Career Coaching: In coaching we provide guidance, support, and direction for navigating the civilian job market. This includes one-on-one coaching to identify careers that are the right fit and match for you, skills you already have to enter that career, and the skills and knowledge you need to develop to get your foot in the door.
  • Career Focused Social Media Marketing/ Branding: By showing you how to manage & take advantage of social media such as LinkedIn, we will show you how to market your unique, high quality talents to the right employers.
  • Career Skills Inventory and Assessment: Having a hard time applying your military skills to the job market? Our Career Assessment/ Inventory will show you just how skillful & useful you are to your potential employers.
  • Networking Support: Learn how to cultivate your network of friends, family, service mates, and colleagues to connect you with your ideal career.