Students and Young Professionals

If you are a student or young professional and you are considering a new career path, becoming an entrepreneur, or further developing your current career path, BC&CS is the sidekick you need.

Students and young professionals face unique challenges as a result of the current economic crisis. Despite being primed to succeed, the Millennial generation has been saddled with student loan debt, incredibly intense competition for jobs, comparatively little career experience, and the responsibility to fix the economy for their future and that of their children.

The formula of "go to school + get a job + gain a pension/ retirement plan = success" is obsolete. This new generation of driven, creative, and well educated people is now in the process of defining a new formula for success. This is no easy task. As Millennials are now responsible for defining success for themselves, they face a whole new series of obstacles, including redefining their identity, remastering the confines of employment, and ultimately crafting a new way of doing business.

Barde Career & Corporate Solutions understands the economic & career landscapes in which this generation is surviving. Recognizing the Millennials strengths of tech savviness, eagerness, love of learning, can-do attitude, and drive to succeed, BC&CS partners with students and young professionals to support them as they navigate the current markets and come to define their own happiness.

In sum, we "get it". We understand the value students and young professionals have to offer the world, and we want to do what it takes to unlock & unleash the talent of what is now the largest, most educated, most technologically comfortable generation the world has seen yet.

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