Business Services

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Recruiting and Talent Development

With over 20 year in recruiting and talent development, Barde Career & Corporate Solutions will help you find the right professionals for your company and culture. BC&CS also offers hiring assistance wherein we facilitate every step of the hiring and screening process and handling the short and long term professional needs and goals of our clients and business partners.

Executive and Managerial Coaching for Effective Leadership, Performance, and Engagement

Working with a BC&CS Certified Coach gives our clients opportunity to leverage experience and knowledge that enables them to apply effective leadership skills, abilities, and competencies that motivate and engage their teams and staff and also drive team and business performance. The end result is a confident leader who is well prepared to manage a team or project successfully both short and long term.

We understand that long term, productive employees are an asset to any organization. Our experienced Coaches will work with your employees to maximize their performance while supporting their retention and sustainability.

Succession Planning, Employee Development, and Competency Identification/Assessment Team Development & Maximization

No person is an island and working solo is a thing of the past. Our Team Development Services will support your employees by coaching and developing the skills they need to build cohesive teams that work well together and that produce quality, consistent, and successful project and business outcomes.

Employee Dispute Resolution

With more than 50 years of HR experience, BC&CS is well equipped to facilitate resolution between employees at odds with one another. 

Management & Leadership Development and Training

BCS is excited to offer a series of Leadership Development Trainings to your organization, tailored to fit your management’s needs.

Internal Communication  & Cultural Analysis and Consulting

Internal Communication and Culture have a large impact on employee productivity and retention, and therefore the bottom line. We offer Communication & Cultural Analysis so you can better manage relationships, values, messages, and media within your organization so you can save money. 

Performance Evaluation Development & Consulting

If you are looking to create or overhaul the way you deliver performance evaluations, BC&CS can help.  With the most up-to-date methods of performance evaluation, BC&CS will work with you to tailor your evaluations to best fit the needs of your organization.

Reduction in Force (RIF), Employee Separation, and Career Management Services for Displaced Employees

BC&CS provides full service professional development offerings so your departing workforce is set up for job seeker success. From career support groups to résumé and cover letter writing, we will equip your employees as they transition from your organization to the next.